Welcome Our Newest Full Stack Developer.

With a growing product, our workload also increases, and that is why we decided to look for more manpower for our team. Funnily enough, Jeff found us through our memes inside of the Rubic community and decided to get involved with Kek. We didn’t find Jeff — Kek found Jeff. It was kek at first sight.

To begin, Jeff will be focused on some front-end work until Filip is ready to receive him. Shortly after, he will be riding shotgun with Filip managing the backend bases. This is a massive win for Kek as a whole.

Our base grows stronger.

http://jeff-spencer.com | Jeffs LinkedIn

Past Job Experience:

Software Engineer

Company Name

B Lab

2 yrs 7 mos

Full Stack Engineer utilizing a broad range of technologies (Ember.js, Go, Laravel, PHP, AWS, PostgreSQL, Salesforce, Heroku, Travis CI, Elm, Drupal, Pardot, SparkPost, various internal/external APIs, and more). Strong focus on deprecating previous codebase and implementing cleaner/faster solutions.

Lead developer for marketing site @ bcorporation.net and work closely with the marketing/design team for various campaigns and promotions.

Senior Web Developer

Nectyr Productions, LLC

3 yrs 8 mos

Applying a large range of technical skills and knowledge to build and maintain various systems for a wide array of clients. Including site architecture/infrastructure, both backend & frontend development (PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache, Linux, CSS, HTML/XHTML) and Mobile Development.



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