Spookyswap Partners with Cryptokek

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Why SpookySwap?

After we (Cryptokek) received a grant from the Fantom Foundation, we began to seek an FTM-based exchange to integrate into our dApp.

We quickly realized that SpookySwap is the highest volume exchange, with well-defined tokenomics and one of the best art directions we’ve ever seen for an exchange. 👻

With that, the Fantom network needed a high quality, fast, ad-free charting dApp — enter Cryptokek. We now cover over 99% of the tokens on SpookySwap and aim to get all of them with our next big update.

How does SpookySwap complement Cryptokek?

With SpookySwap operating on the Fantom Opera network, it allows our community to buy KEK while operating on FTM with minimal fees and lightning-fast transaction times. Another big plus is that SpookySwap offers competitive APRs on the KEK-FTM pool.

Partnership Details

On our side, we will continue to work with SpookySwap to built out custom data solutions such as additional iframe parameters to meet their needs. Along with that, SpookySwap will be the defacto FTM exchange in our dApp. Finally, our FTM-based liquidity has found its home on Spookyswap.

On SpookySwap’s side, they’ve agreed to implement our iframe into their advanced user trading area! This is a huge win for kek and will drive loads of traffic to our charts as SpookySwap releases their advanced trading platform. Also, SpookySwap will utilize Cryptokek’s chartings as their defacto charting dApp pushed to their users.

What does SpookySwap do?

SpookySwap is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Fantom Opera network. SpookySwap actively invests in building a strong foundation by using the BOO token for governance, rewards on diverse farms, and to provide developer grants encouraging a healthy ecosystem of other Fantom projects. As of its launch in April 2021, SpookySwap has earned endorsement and support from the Fantom Foundation, developed a bridge for Fantom — Ethereum — BSC, and been fully audited by Certik.

What does Cryptokek do?

Kektics is the world’s first fully EVM compatible token explorer. That means any chain on this list will be added with relative ease. The dApp as it now stands tracks the following networks: Ethereum (Uniswap and Sushiswap), Fantom Opera (SpookySwap), BSC (Pancakeswap), and Polygon (Quickswap). The dApp allows you to easily analyze markets via TradingView charts, recent trades, market summary, trending tokens, and favorite tokens. There is a slew of new features the Cryptokek team is actively working to integrate. There’s an opportunity on Fantom Opera Chain for a quality market analysis tool and Cryptokek is actively filling that void.

Onwards and upwards! 🚀

SpookySwap: Website | Twitter | GitHub | Discord




Unique Analytics, Bots, API, & DAO Governance

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Unique Analytics, Bots, API, & DAO Governance

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