Spookyswap Integrates KEK Charts + Multipair Arrives! 🥳

Expert Trader Page + KEK Charts

Spookyswap Integrates kek iFrame

It may have gone unnoticed during Spookyswap’s press release for their expert trader page, but we’re happy to reiterate the fact that Spookyswap has chosen kek.tools as its charting & candle data solution of choice. Many other exchanges have taken notice and are integrating the KEK iframe as we speak. More on that soon! 👻

The road was long, with many twists, but finally, we’ve arrived at our destination — MULTIPAIR!

Multipair is here!

Our first exchanges to receive multipair support are Spookyswap and Bombswap. Next up, we’ll start syncing Spiritswap, Sushiswap multipair support, and then the rest.

What is multipair?

Multipairs are token pairings on exchanges that consist of anything *but* the native asset. For example, on kek.tools we track UniswapV2 and UniswapV3 but only ETH/TOKEN pairs.

Where to find multipairs in kek.tools

That means previously there were a ton of none functional pairings: USDT, USDC, WBTC, DAI, PAX, and so on. For obvious reasons this was a massive handicap to our application — no longer!

Is multipair important?

Yes, critically! A fully-fledged best-in-class token explorer must be capable of tracking every pairing, no matter how obscure. Time after time we’ve had community members ask us “why no (random token) listed?” — 9 times out of 10 it was due to lack of multipair support. This is a deal-breaker for many, but finally, we have the solution.

Why did it take so long?

First and foremost, multipair is an incredibly difficult task to tackle both on the conceptual level as well as the technical level. Along with that, there were several setbacks that we couldn’t have predicted. One such setback was the fact multipair was originally assigned to a KEK contributor who is no longer with the project. Mix in poor architectural planning as well as poor documentation and it’s a recipe for disaster. With that said, we’ve learned a lot as a team, what not to do and what to do.


fBomb has been added with Multipair support!

Friends must take care of friends. Devesh over at Millennium Club has been a true node godsend. If you need any kind of node service, most definitely reach out to him. 💪

Big Bug Squashed 🐛

  • Previously there was an issue with any high-frequency Fantom token utilizing low time frame candles. An example of before and after can be seen in the screenshot below. Much better.
Old left — New Right

Known Issues

  • If you experience ??? in your favorites, go to the token, unfavorite it and then favorite it — this should fix it.
  • Logos may be missing — due to multipair URL restructuring some logos may be missing. If you want a logo uploaded, create a post here.

Found a bug? Please report it here!


We appreciate everyone remaining patient during the multipair process. We have loads of new tools nearly ready to be handed to our dapp users. These new tools will set us apart from the competition and allow us to become a powerhouse like the world has never seen.

The kek tsunami swells. 🌊



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