Polygon Partners with Cryptokek

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Why Polygon?

Polygon is without a doubt on a clear path to becoming a prominent layer 2 network in the cryptocurrency world. Polygon’s network is a PoS chain with Plasma technology implemented. The Polygon team is working to implement zk Rollups & Optimistic Rollups — just to name a few.

With that, a prominent L2 network needs a high quality, fast, ad-free charting dApp — enter Cryptokek. By popular DAO vote, Polygon + Quickswap will be the next network/exchange that is implemented into Cryptokek’s application.

What does Cryptokek do?

Kektics is the world’s first fully EVM compatible token explorer. That means any chain on this list will be added with relative ease. The dApp as it now stands tracks the following networks: Ethereum (Uniswap and Sushiswap), BSC ( Pancakeswap) and soon Polygon (Quickswap). The dApp allows you to easily analyze markets via: TradingView charts, recent trades, market summary, and favorite tokens. There is a slew of new features the Cryptokek team is actively working to integrate. Cryptokek’s dApp was constructed from scratch in just under 5 months.

There’s a massive hole in the L2 space for a quality market analysis tool and Cryptokek is here to fill that void.

How does Polygon compliment Cryptokek?

Clearly Cryptokek’s application can enhance the Polygon ecosystem, but how does Polygon complement Cryptokek? Cryptokek operates primarily on Ethereum’s mainnet (L1) and has recently begun branching out into other L2 networks such as BSC. However, the security concerns and frequent outages that BSC exhibit are worrisome. Cryptokek plans to bridge tokens into the Polygon ecosystem and begin building on Polygon’s network.

Onwards and upwards! 🚀

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