May Project Status Update


It’s important to understand markets go up, markets go down, momentum picks up and slows down. We have been full throttle for the past 6 months at breakneck speeds building a kickass application and achieving some massive milestones. From 0 to a highly functional cryptocurrency project is no small feat.

You may have noticed things have slowed down a bit. The primary reason we suspect is the bloody market, but part of that blame is on us too. We need to flush out our internal workflows, remove ineffective team members, and bring in promising new team members. We are taking the opportunity to slow down, catch our breath, clean up, & polish.


Project General

  • Brought in a new front end developer — (Trial period)
  • Formally brought designer in house — Welcome Will!
  • 2 additional back end developers are in the interview process
  • Refining internal workflow process

Development Status

WIP = Work in progress

DEV = In development area for testing or nearing completion

  • Building multipair support for all chains (DEV)
  • Refining the backend databases to be more stable (DEV)
  • Front end split button coming back (DEV)
  • FTM network (WIP)

Token Utility

  • Integrated Wallet Connect module (DEV)
  • Revisiting UI and UX in many places with a new designer and move it to Dev status (WIP)
  • Integrate ACL permission module to lock features. (WIP)
  • Build token tiers / levels (WIP)



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