Kektics Update 1.0.1

Another day, another bug fix. Here are the bug fixes, changes, and general updates to the Kek ecosystem. We will continually push out fixes and new features to make Kektics an even better application.


Kektics Changes

- Token contract copy button added

- Uniswap trade button added

- Increase the height of Travingview window on both desktop + mobile

- Added expand vertical button on the latest trade window

- Drawing tools now work on mobile view, click the little blue bubble at the bottom left of Tradingview Window

- Searching is now 1 click instead of 2

- Clicking/tapping outside of the search field now closes it

Kektics Bug Fixes

- Fixed a typo in the market summary table

- Fixed a bug that was preventing technical indicators from working

- Fixed-mobile Tradingview drawing tools not working

General Updates

- Kek website has been completely overhauled

- Kektics application is now in the Google Play store

- Production of iOS app has begun

- Coinmarketcal ad marketing has begun (top banner and newsletter)

- Twitter ad giveaway

- Additional marketing is in the works.

- Hiring of additional backend developer soon

- Community has been heard. 28 Github issues submitted.

Look out for even more updates in the coming weeks!



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