Kektics dApp Update 1.5.0-beta

PHASE 1 UI / UX Redesign

Out with the old, in with the new. You will immediately notice the search field has moved to the very top of the dApp and is more pronounced. Keep in mind, the expanded search area is going to be improved with the phase 2 UI release.

To the right, you’ll see our new toggleable navigation system. Specifically, we’ve relocated the account login, a new trending tokens icon, as well as favorites. If you want to toggle these fly-out menus, simply click the icon again.

You’ll notice our KEK logo on the far left, click it and the old “resource links” now reside here. The “Trending” button takes you to the dedicated trending page, while the explorer returns you home to the Kek explorer.


Trending Tokens Page


Old Screenshot — Phase 2 UI Design

The following trending token time frames are locked behind KEK Token Tier 3:

  • 1 minute — 30 minutes
  • 1 hour — 12 hours
  • 7 days, 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year
  • 1-day trending data are provided for free to all users.

To unlock the detailed trending data, you must hold 25,000 KEK tokens. We plan on adding additional features to trending data such as ranks, charts & other metrics, but that will come with the phase 2 UI rework.

“You’ve reached your maximum amount of allotted favorites”


Looking through the token tiers on our homepage you’ll notice each tier unlocks more favorites. Free users start with 5 favorites and for every tier unlocks past that, you are granted 5 additional favorites for a total of 25 at tier 4.

Additional settings are planned for favorite tokens such as allowing users to change the time preference, drag & drop reordering, as well as line graphs behind favorite tokens. Some of these features will be included in phase 2 of the UI rework.

What’s next?

On the front end, phase 2 of the UI/UX refactor is in the works. During phase 1 of the UI rework, we’ve been focused on the framework and adding new features. Phase 2 is about tightening & cleaning up along with a redesigned search field and a few other goodies.

The modularity of Kektic’s components has been a priority as well and the reasoning for this is so the “blocks” can easily move around independently. (Planned feature)

Backend stabilization has been a key priority for us as well. This will continue to be the case going forward. Increasing uptime and making sure our dApp runs flawlessly is of utmost importance. In the same breath, this doesn’t happen overnight and we greatly appreciate everyone’s patience as we stabilize the many gear cogs that make up our application.

Multipair support has been in the works for quite a while and for good reason. Multipair support takes a great deal of forethought, as well as testing to successfully track every pair on every exchange on every chain. We say this lightly, but we are *hoping* to have multipair support done in the next month.

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