Cryptokek Joins Forces With Immunefi to Deploy our Bug Bounty Program

The Cryptokek team is proud to announce we are working with Immunefi, to make sure that going forward we can provide the best experience for our users. We believe that security is key for a long-lasting and prosperous product.

About Immunefi:

“Immunefi provides hackers with a collection of bug bounty programs from across the industry, whether self-hosted, hosted on a third-party site, or right here on Immunefi. We want to make it easy for you to see the entire landscape of programs where you can build rep and get paid, as well as prevent hacks on the systems you care about, all with minimal interference and guesswork so you can focus on doing what you do best.”

By working with Immunefi and utilising their bug bounty program we intend to further improve our security in anticipation of our next update to Cryptokek on the 30th. The bug bounty program will incentivize Whitehats
to review our code and subsequently help us iron out errors that could in the worst case bring the project down and in the best case just improve the user experience.

The bounty price structure will look as follows:

Critical: $3k

Bugs that could permanently damage our project

High: $1k

Bugs that could lead to longer outages

Medium: $500

Bugs that could result in short term harm to the user experience

Low: $250

Minor bugs that could cause specific problems

Let’s continue building a strong codebase and community!❤

Your Cryptokek Team.

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