Cryptokek Is Now on BSC

Due to Ethereum's high network cost, we have bridged some kek tokens over to BSC to begin testing. We plan to utilize BSC-KEK to allow users to more easily operate within our application when we implement Layer 2 token access tiers. The community can bridge their ERC tokens over using which locks your tokens on ETH while you play with them on BSC.

If you want to add liquidity or trade them, use"

Buy BSC-KEK on Pancakeswap or bridge tokens over via Andre’s

Stay tuned for our upcoming application release version 1.1.0 + 2 new partnerships.


Contract Page on BSC:

Pancakeswap Trade Link:




Unique Analytics, Bots, API, & DAO Governance

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Unique Analytics, Bots, API, & DAO Governance

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