Complete Overhaul — 1.6.0 Release

One small step for a man, one giant leap for KEK.

I don’t care, let me try it! 🚀

It’s easier to write down a list of things that haven’t changed:

  • The search field (we’re coming back to it soon)

What *HAS* changed:

  • Complete restructure of our mobile & desktop build
  • Complete restructure of token header
  • Complete restructure of latest trades table
  • Complete restructure of market summary data
  • Complete restructure of favorites (Price, 24hr % chg, 24hr point chg)
  • Significantly decreased load times for chart candles
  • Significantly decreased load times for latest trades + token stats
  • Trending preferences now save once selected
  • Smoothed out animations all around the dApp
  • Native chart price-output for most chains, excluding Uniswap v2/Sushi (WIP)

Small stuff

  • The KEK logo at the top left has been replaced with a “menu” button
  • The buttons inside the wallet connect area are now squared
  • Cleaned up the bottom button on the trending sidebar
  • Updated PWA text to “
  • Added an “X” icon when you open one of the sidebar items
  • Changed default Tradingview chart background-color
  • Changed default Tradingview vertical + horizontal colors
  • Too many bugs and iterations to mention

What’s to come?

As we move ever closer to the end of the year, we are focused on solidifying our backend infrastructure. Inversely, we have loads of exciting new features in the pipeline such as:

  • Community spotlight
  • Homepage overhaul
  • Allowing LP token holders to access tiers
  • In dApp data visualizations
  • Commonly requested features: set TV background image, chatbox, portfolio tracker, RPG system, show trades on the chart. (DAO vote to decide which one soon!)
  • A new roadmap for year 2
  • Multipair support

See You Space Cowboy…🌌



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