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One small step for a man, one giant leap for KEK.

Why SpookySwap?

PHASE 1 UI / UX Redesign

Have questions? Need to get caught up? Here’s your chance!

Things you can look forward to:

Currently asset/quick pairs — we are working on asset/Matic pairs!

Remember this is a beta version and we are aware of some issues, these will be addressed immediately after launch. (See known issues)

1st Mover Advantage

Why Polygon?

Binance Smart Chain Data + Charts have arrived!*

*At the moment of posting this article we are still in the process of syncing all tokens, meaning token pairs are partial, it will update in real-time until all tokens are there! We are expecting the sync to take another 2-7 days. If a token is missing this is likely why.

*Currently, we have present chart data going back 2 weeks. We have BSC tokens prior to February 1st. Historical chart information older than 2 weeks will be continuously synced over time until completion.


Unique Analytics, Bots, API, & DAO Governance

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