So Why Fantom?

One small step for a man, one giant leap for KEK.

I don’t care, let me try it! 🚀

  • The search field (we’re coming back to it soon)
  • Complete restructure of our mobile & desktop build
  • Complete restructure of token header
  • Complete restructure of latest trades…

Have questions? Need to get caught up? Here’s your chance!

During the first Monday of every month @ 17:00 UTC you get a chance to sit down with our developers and catch up on what they’ve been up to. After reviewing what the developers have been working on the past month, we’ll go into reading & answering community questions.

  • Polygon charts went live and we partnered with Polygon!
  • 1Hive and xDai announced their collab with us!
  • We received a grant from Fantom AND Polygon
  • We released our 1.4.0-beta Update!
  • We announced our collaboration with BaoFinance
  • We hired a new developer and a designer!
  • After recent feedback we will now focus on token utility!
  • Read what else we have been up to!

Things you can look forward to:

  • Bug fixes and improvements to our app!
  • We reached out to the Raidguild!
  • Weekly Cryptokek livestream every Saturday and Wednesday.

Currently asset/quick pairs — we are working on asset/Matic pairs!

Remember this is a beta version and we are aware of some issues, these will be addressed immediately after launch. (See known issues)

Wrapped Matic on Polygon: Link
Wrapped Ether on Polygon: Link
Chainlink on Polygon: Link

1st Mover Advantage

In a world-first, Polygon charts are now live inside Cryptokek’s application.


Unique Analytics, Bots, API, & DAO Governance

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