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CryptoKek is a utility token that allows you to access the suite of blockchain data analytics tools to make better investment decisions. (

The token also allows users to participate in the free DAO over at ( The Cryptokek project is under constant development, and features are constantly being added and decided upon by the community.

KEK is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Accessing the various features of the suite.

KEK tools include:

  • AI bots to…

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Another day, another bug fix. Here are the bug fixes, changes, and general updates to the Kek ecosystem. We will continually push out fixes and new features to make Kektics an even better application.


Kektics Changes

- Token contract copy button added

- Uniswap trade button added

- Increase the height of Travingview window on both desktop + mobile

- Added expand vertical button on the latest trade window

- Drawing tools now work on mobile view, click the little blue bubble at the bottom left of Tradingview Window

- Searching is now 1 click instead of 2

- Clicking/tapping outside of…

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We have successfully launched the first rendition of the Kektics application suite and will continue to expand upon it. The next months and weeks are important to us to build a solid base, upon which future updates will be built on. Right now we are focused on getting the most basics features bug-free and implementing essential tools every token explorer needs.

On a side note, thank you to the community and the developers for what we have achieved in such a short period of time. The community has submitted both bug reports as well as application proposals. …

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Live Application Preview

Want to try it? Pick your URL flavor:

Hurrah! A new milestone for KEK has been reached! Our goal is to make a superb long-lasting product that keeps you coming back. Cryptokek strives for quality over quantity — measure twice cut once is our motto.

With that said, this application has taken us 30 days to build and there will be some bugs here and there. Please report bugs via our Telegram Group or Discord Bug Reporting Channel OR directly via TG messaging @Sean, @Peter, @Jayco.

Currently, we only have coins that are listed on coingecko enabled…

As we reach the end of January we also reach a new milestone for KEK. Our goal is to make a superb long-lasting product that not only works but makes users want to use it. Cryptokek takes quality extremely seriously and that is why we decided to postpone the update to Kektics for a couple of days to make it perfect. In the meantime, we will show you what we have been working on, so you know exactly what you will get your hands on very soon.

The goal with this update is not only to take a huge step…

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The Cryptokek team is proud to announce we are working with Immunefi, to make sure that going forward we can provide the best experience for our users. We believe that security is key for a long-lasting and prosperous product.

About Immunefi:

“Immunefi provides hackers with a collection of bug bounty programs from across the industry, whether self-hosted, hosted on a third-party site, or right here on Immunefi. …


Unique Analytics, Bots, API, & DAO Governance

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