CryptoKek is a utility token that allows you to access the suite of blockchain data analytics tools to make better investment decisions. (

The token also allows users to participate in the free DAO over at ( The Cryptokek project is under constant development, and features are constantly being added and decided upon by the community.

KEK is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Accessing the various features of the suite.

KEK tools include:

  • AI bots to…

KEK SOURCES: Website | App | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | GitHub | Blog

Currently asset/quick pairs — we are working on asset/Matic pairs!

Remember this is a beta version and we are aware of some issues, these will be addressed immediately after launch. (See known issues)

Wrapped Matic on Polygon: Link
Wrapped Ether on Polygon: Link
Chainlink on Polygon: Link

1st Mover Advantage

In a world-first, Polygon charts are now live inside Cryptokek’s application.

KEK token holders voted and decided on which chain was to be added next.

DAO voting on which next chain + exchange will begin soon. Current popular sentiment suggests Fantom, Avalanche or xDai. You decide!

What’s new:

  • Polygon + Quickswap pairs have been added! (Token list here) — MUST BE ASSET/QUICK PAIR. We’re working to add Asset/Matic.

Cryptokek: Website | App | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | GitHub | Blog

Polygon Announcement Source: Proof me desu.

Why Polygon?

Polygon is without a doubt on a clear path to becoming a prominent layer 2 network in the cryptocurrency world. Polygon’s network is a PoS chain with Plasma technology implemented. The Polygon team is working to implement zk Rollups & Optimistic Rollups — just to name a few.

With that, a prominent L2 network needs a high quality, fast, ad-free charting dApp — enter Cryptokek. …

Binance Smart Chain Data + Charts have arrived!*

*At the moment of posting this article we are still in the process of syncing all tokens, meaning token pairs are partial, it will update in real-time until all tokens are there! We are expecting the sync to take another 2-7 days. If a token is missing this is likely why.

*Currently, we have present chart data going back 2 weeks. We have BSC tokens prior to February 1st. Historical chart information older than 2 weeks will be continuously synced over time until completion.

Users can now browse their favorite pancake tokens on at full speed, without ads. Not only will we add all Pancake pairs, but also make some improvements to the UI and speed of the app.

Here are some working tokens on our application to showcase functionality as well as competency: BUNNY on BSC, VENUS,, KEK, Trust Wallet, and more to come.

Why did it take so long?

Initially, we relied on The Graph nodes to sync our BSC data, but we slowly realized that since there is a large amount of BSC data to sync and so few nodes it would take forever to…

Like many of our other team members, Daniel found us through /biz. Daniel has been an active community member for a few months now and decided that he wanted to get involved & contribute. To begin, Daniel will be assisting with both front and back end issues, enhancements, and bug fixes. This is yet another massive win for kek.

Our base grows even stronger.

Daniel Jamrozik | Daniel’s LinkedIn


University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign

B.S. Computer Science, December 2017


Freelance / DeFi Projects

Software Engineer (August 2020 — current)

Freelanced as a software engineer for PEAK6 part-time. Rest of the time was focused on other freelancing opportunities and projects…

Project information can be found on our homepage.

Please keep in mind! This application has been developed in 2.5 months’ time. There are bugs, UI issues, and missing features. Please make sure to report ALL issues in our Bug Telegram channel OR idea in our idea Telegram channel!


Over 9000 lines of code have been changed with this update. A huge step forward for KEK! Not only did we fulfill the requests of community members, but we also managed to develop Uniswap, BSC, and Sushi listeners. Going forward ALL tokens on these platforms will be on Kektics IMMEDIATELY. That means no more changing to other token explorers to find the token you want to trade, it can all be done in our app.

Marketing + General

  • Andre Cronje listed us on his new tool. Tweet + Tool

Due to Ethereum's high network cost, we have bridged some kek tokens over to BSC to begin testing. We plan to utilize BSC-KEK to allow users to more easily operate within our application when we implement Layer 2 token access tiers. The community can bridge their ERC tokens over using which locks your tokens on ETH while you play with them on BSC.

If you want to add liquidity or trade them, use"

Buy BSC-KEK on Pancakeswap or bridge tokens over via Andre’s

Stay tuned for our upcoming application release version 1.1.0 + 2 new partnerships.


Contract Page on BSC:

Pancakeswap Trade Link:

With a growing product, our workload also increases, and that is why we decided to look for more manpower for our team. Funnily enough, Jeff found us through our memes inside of the Rubic community and decided to get involved with Kek. We didn’t find Jeff — Kek found Jeff. It was kek at first sight.

To begin, Jeff will be focused on some front-end work until Filip is ready to receive him. Shortly after, he will be riding shotgun with Filip managing the backend bases. This is a massive win for Kek as a whole.

Our base grows stronger.

Another day, another bug fix. Here are the bug fixes, changes, and general updates to the Kek ecosystem. We will continually push out fixes and new features to make Kektics an even better application.


Kektics Changes

- Token contract copy button added

- Uniswap trade button added

- Increase the height of Travingview window on both desktop + mobile

- Added expand vertical button on the latest trade window

- Drawing tools now work on mobile view, click the little blue bubble at the bottom left of Tradingview Window

- Searching is now 1 click instead of 2

- Clicking/tapping outside of…

We have successfully launched the first rendition of the Kektics application suite and will continue to expand upon it. The next months and weeks are important to us to build a solid base, upon which future updates will be built on. Right now we are focused on getting the most basics features bug-free and implementing essential tools every token explorer needs.

On a side note, thank you to the community and the developers for what we have achieved in such a short period of time. The community has submitted both bug reports as well as application proposals. …


Unique Analytics, Bots, API, & DAO Governance

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